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Thursday, 14 February 2008

New York City Guide

1. Weather
Temperature - Winter (0-45 degrees F), Summer (60-90 degrees F)

Clothes - Winter - Winter Coat, Scarf, Gloves, Skid-free shoes, Hat; Spring - Raincoat/Jacket, Umbrella; Summer - Same as back home, know that it can get really hot and humid, sometimes it's even worse than the summer back home.

2. Cost of Living

Long Distance Call to Manila - Via phone card, 20 cents a minute

Postage Within US - 41 cents

Postage to Philippines - 90 cents

Bus Fare - $2.00

Train Fare - (Subway) $2.00

3. Racial Mix
New York City is known to be the most racially diverse city in the world.

4. Getting Around
Bus - MTA Bus

Train - MTA Subway

Walking - One can get around by walking in New York City. In the outer boroughs, you will need to take the bus, train, or rent a car.

Car a Necessity? - No

Others - NYU students can avail of the free shuttle service that goes around the East Side of Manhattan.

5. Filipino Supplies
Filipino Restaurants - Manhattan - Elvie's on 13th St. and First Avenue, Pistahan on 14th St. and First Avenue, Cendrillon in 45 Mercer St. in SoHo (very beautiful but does not cater to the student budget) ; Flushing, Queens - Krystal's, Ihawan , and Rene's on Roosevelt Avenue. A relatively new place with a nicer ambiance and still in the cheap eats category is Grill 21 in the Stuyvesant Village area (346 East 21st st. and 1st ave.).

Filipino Stores - Phil Am Food Store in Flushing, Queens in Roosevelt Avenue. You can buy bagoong, longganisa, and Clover Chips. One can also find Philippine brand condiments in Chinatown.

Balikbayan Box - Johnny Air Cargo, Forex, FRS Express,

Phone Cards - TeleOption (800 720 7138), Direct Line Philippines (866 357 0338)

Travel Agents - none mentioned

6. Student-Friendly Neighborhoods - Columbia University - Morningside Heights, Harlem; Fordham (Bronx Campus) - Fordham Avenue Area; NYU -Brooklyn, Downtown Manhattan (Living in Manhattan is very expensive. Try looking at other boroughs. As long as you and your school is near a subway line, it is very easy to get around).

7. Roman Catholic Church / Other Places of Worship - There is a Roman Catholic Church in amost every neighborhood. Check the yellow pages.

Contributor: Tricia J. Capistrano

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