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Monday, 11 June 2007

Australia Visa and Application Guidelines

Please note that application guidelines are constantly changing and you should refer to the embassy’s website for the most current information.

Types of Student Visas
Subclass 570 – Independent Elicso Sector (English Langauge Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)
Subclass 571 – Schools Sector (Primary, Secondary and High School)
Subclass 573 - Higher Education Sector (Bachelor degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Associate Degree)
Subclass 574 – Postgraduate Research Sector (Masters degree and Doctoral degree)
Subclass 575- Non-award foundation studies/other sector
Subclass 576 – AusAID or Defense Sector (Full-time courses taken undertaken by AusAID or Defense students sponsored by the Australian government)
They advise that you submit the application at least 2 months before your course begins.

How to apply:
1. Obtain forms and information. Download visa application Form 157A and Information Form 1160I from free of charge or obtain a copy from the embassy’s call center.
2. Complete the application form. If you are under 18, both parents need to sign the form unless you can provide evidence of sole custody.
3. Gather all other supporting documents.
4. Book an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination. There are two administrators in Manila:
IDP Education Australia Phone 8160755,,;
The British Council Phone 9141011-14,, Contact IDP Education Australia for information on testing in Cebu, Baguio, Davao and Bacolod.
5. Undergo health applications. The visa applicant and all independent children must undergo health checks using Form 160 and Form 26 with a Panel Doctor.
6. Make an appointment to lodge the visa application by contacting the Call Centre on one of the numbers below:
1909-3622779 (PLDT)
1900-3622779 (Globelines)
1903-3622779 (Bayantel)
Cost of call: P18/minute
7. Lodge the application and pay the fee during your appointment with the Australian Embassy. The only acceptable forms of payment are a Manager’s Check in Philippine Pesos made payable to the “Australian Embassy” or a receipt of prior payment in Australia using Australian dollars.

- Must meet evidentiary requirements which demonstrates their ability to meet the financial capacity, English proficiency and other relevant criteria
- General requirements relating to character, health, acceptable health insurance and intention to comply with visa conditions and have no outstanding debts to the Commonwealth of Australia
- Financial capacity requires applicants to demonstrate in specified ways that they have sufficient funds to meet the travel, course tuition and living costs for both themselves and any family unit members who will be joining them
- English proficiency
- Offer of place in a course
- Passport will be required later but not at the time of the lodgment

Php9600 (to be confirmed)
Source: Australian Embassy Manila website:

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