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Friday, 20 July 2007

CLEANING: Cleaning Products You Cannot Live Without

We’ve heard of people playing loud music while they clean to help drown out the drudgery. In addition to that useful suggestion, here are some other reminders from me and other Filipino students abroad that will hopefully make the chore a bit more pleasant.

Cleaning Products You Cannot Live Without
1. All purpose cleaning solution (better if it says anti-bacterial)
2. Scrubbing sponge (for shower, tub)
3. Wiping sponge or basahan
4. Floor squeege
5. Gloves
6. Baking soda – to neutralize odors in the refrigerator, can also be used to clean the sink and tub
7. Dust buster or vacuum cleaner if you can afford it .

Quote: I love this product called Febreze—a cheater’s way to making things appear and smell cleaner than they really are (clothes, upholstery…) –Vanessa Go, New York University, Northwestern University, Columbia University

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