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Friday, 20 July 2007

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Safety Tips

1. Use gloves. You never know what kind of a reaction you will get from the cleaning solution’s chemicals.
2. Open windows when you clean. Cleaning solutions emit poisonous fumes.
3. Read the label of cleaning solutions.

Four Noble Truths of Cleaning

1. Clean as you go. If there is anything one should know about saving time when cleaning, it’s “clean as you go.” Unlike living at home, there is no one who will pick up after you. The grain of rice on the table or your sock on the floor will not magically disappear! Also, the longer one ignores the dirt the harder it is to remove.

2. Clean from top to bottom. Imagine that you have just mopped the floor and then realized that there are some grains of coffee on the kitchen counter. If you’re not careful, it might fall on the floor you’ve just cleaned. Clean from top to bottom.

3. Clean in straight lines. When you vacuum or wipe dust off a table, it is easier to clean in a straight line. In that way you don’t miss a spot. Why people in commercials clean in a circular motion, I don’t understand! You just end up spreading the dirt! Vacuum or wipe from one edge and then straight down and then begin at the edge beside the previous and continue on until you’re done. It also helps to use a surface cleaner. Just check to make sure that it’s made for the kind of surface your cleaning.

4. If you have roommates, have a cleaning schedule and stick to it! Often, misunderstandings between roommates start out when one notices that he or she is doing more chores than the other.

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