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Friday, 20 July 2007

LAUNDRY: Laundry Items You Cannot Live Without

Laundry is always such a kill joy. How many times have you or a classmate missed a get together because one of you had to do laundry? And it never ends! It’s always there! This section of the chapter won’t teach you how to make your laundry disappear but we hope it’ll somehow make the chore easier. Arrgh!

Wise Words: Get a three week supply of underwear and you’ll be okay. –Ari Mallare, Cornell University, Connecticut

Laundry Items You Cannot Live Without
1. Laundry Soap
2. Laundry Bag
3. Fabric softener – not only makes towels and sheets soft, it is also great for removing static cling in the winter time
4. Mesh bag for delicates.

Wise Words: My best friend was Woolite, which I used for smaller wool stuff and delicates clothes that had to be hand-washed. I couldn’t escape the dry clean only expense because I didn’t want to ruin my coats and spent on having them done at the drycleaners. –Luli Arroyo, Georgetown University, Washington DC

Tip: When you're machine washing your bras, make sure that you put them in a mesh bag and that the ends of your bras are fastened together. You are: 1)protecting the fastenings from being damaged by the machine, and 2) protecting the rest of your clothes (especially your knits) from the bra hook, which can snag the fabric of your other clothes and create holes. Don't put your bras in the dryer, this is where they do the most damage and are also damaged themselves (your underwires might never look the same again). They dry easily anyway. –Therese Ng, New York University, New York

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