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Monday, 16 July 2007

Possible Jobs for Graduate Students

1. Teaching Assistanships/ Graduate Assistanships
2. Tutoring/ teaching English
3. Computer Help Desk Staff
4. Library Assistant
5. Research Assistant
6. Resident Associate
7. Paid internships
8. Babysitting
9. Picking up teachers' kids and bringing them home
10. Tutoring
11. University Dining Room Service staff – usually comes with free meals
12. University Bookstore

Wise Words: I encourage students to work. There is always the tendency to not work (in Australia) because Australia is such a nice, outdoorsy country and you just want to see it and slack everyday. It's very, very, important to work especially if you need to pay off your debts. I never imagined I'd mop bars and restaurants and I did. I was a licensed architect in the Philippines and I was doing that. It grounded me. I am nobody in a first-world country. It taught me a lot and that makes you a better employee. It makes you become a better person, a more rounded person. -Arthur Manalac, Sydney University, Sydney

Wise Words: There are a lot of Filipinos here married to Japanese and have children who study in Japanese schools but cannot speak Japanese. The Japanese government supports these children by providing tutors who speak Tagalog and Japanese. They contact schools and ask them for any students willing to teach these children. Since the number of people who can speak both Tagalog and Japanese is still quite small, the pay is quite good. –Celeste Gacad, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo

Wise Words: In Switzerland, foreign students cannot work. The residence permit is pretty specific. –Judah Ruiz, International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne

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