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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Last Minute Tips

You’re all set and packed. But wait a minute, you’re bringing how many suitcases for a weekend trip? Rule No. 1: try to fit all your belongings into one carryon. This saves you time (no more waiting at the baggage carousel) and you can handily take the train or bus home. Travel light!

And for women get one with wheels, these are easier to lug around rather than those backpacks, and eases the strain when running from one train platform to another. On the other hand, stairs can be a pain for these sort of luggage.

You might also want to wear easy to remove and easy to slip on shoes. This is for the increased security check in airports. Try not to wear items with a lot of metal, even one’s underwire bra can cause the alarm to go off. Check with the airline AND airport about items not allowed in your carryon.Record your adventures. If you don’t have the budget for a nice camera, there are a lot of disposable cameras out there. Keep a journal, so you remember the places you visited like the interesting little restaurant in a quiet corner of the city or a painting you really liked in a museum. If you like to make scrapbooks, keep little souvenirs like ticket stubs, napkins, programs, flyers, menus, etc.

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