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Friday, 20 July 2007


Yes you can.

If you have not cooked, nor cleaned, nor done laundry before, you will learn now that yes, you can do these tasks and with the aid of new millenium gadgetry, that they are not as difficult as you thought they would be (except for ironing).

We both had minimal experience in doing domestic chores before we left the Philippines to study abroad. With the help of roommates, relatives, and by looking over other people’s shoulders, we managed to conquer the unknown! We are now able to cook our favorite Filipino dishes and are able to deal with the weekly pile of laundry and the multiplication of dust bunnies under the bed. (Well, most of the time.)

In this chapter, we put together recipes, helpful charts, cleaning, and laundry instructions offered by friends, relatives, as well as survey respondents, who like us, have hectic schedules and are on a budget. Feel free to attach a Post It note on the corner of the page of your favorite recipe or set of instructions so you can quickly refer to it when you need to.

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